650cc Evolved Injection Fuel Injectors K20/K24


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Product Description

Evolved Injection high impedance injector is the most substantial injector that has excellent idle quality for street cars while providing more than enough fuel to supply mid to high horsepower levels. It is compatible with any type of fuel ie, e85, methanol, gasoline, & any racing fuels. Every set of of injectors we sell come with solder in pigtails.

You can purchase adapter plug-n-play clips at an additional cost in order to not cut your factory engine harness.

– Viton O-Rings for added protection against harmful fuel additives
– Diamond cut machined tips for highest crucial operating conditions
– With the latest in High-impedance design no resistor box is needed
– Linear response across vast range of operating conditions
– All injectors are balanced, blueprinted, and dynamically matched within 1%
– Compatible with all fuels including gasoline, methanol, and ethanol
– Unparalleled accuracy dispersed through all cylinders and flawless idle quality
– Lightning fast solenoids for exact fuel calibrating
Each Set includes Flow Data, and Tuning Data


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