Heat Exchanger

Air to water high capacity heat exchanger M3


Product Description

This is a unique high performance heat exchanger for custom applications requiring higher cooling and added capacity. Used on larger vehicles, such as trucks and larger sport vehicles.

The design consists of a unique 4 pass design and a dual core setup.  No other heat exchanger in the market is designed this way.  This design allows for water to spend and dissipate heat for much longer than normal single and dual pass single core units.

  • High density fin core for excellent heat dissipation. Not cheap spaced out fins
  • Properly designed to purge all air when installed properly. No bleed port needed
  • Durable black satin/matte finish for long life durability, great finish, easy to clean, corrosion resistance and long life.
  • All Aluminum construction
  • Pre-welded threaded M5 threads for a easy custom mounting applications.
  • Side Mounting studs and install plates for crash bar install – Included
  • 3/4″ Tubes
  • Dimensions: W 22″ x H 17″ x D 2.4″
  • 24″ width including tubes.

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs


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