TVS Supercharger Kit FAQ’s

Common questions:

“Why doesn’t this kit include everything to drop in and start the car?”

This is a reasonable question, and hard to understand if you aren’t familiar with our company. MercRacing is small company. A lot of the research and development has been done out of our own pockets, and our prices remain low (barely over cost) so that we can continue to provide our customers parts the help them meet their goals at a friendly budget cost.

Since there are so many variations of vehicles and customer preferences it has been decided that it is best to let the builder/customer decide how they want their specific build done.  Another aspect is the power goals on each kit are varied per project/application and allows the customer to not spend money on parts they will not need for their project.

Additional points as to why the kit are not 100% complete:

Access to all the various chassis:

Being a small company, we don’t have access to all the different Honda and swap chassis all the time. We do occasionally have access to a chassis thanks to loyal customers that are local (if you are curious if we could build you an intercooler/air to water cooler system, email us and we will keep you posted)



Our TVS kits are shipped in two large boxes to allow proper padding of each item. Including intercooler and piping would add a third and possibly even fourth box. This could very well place the price of our TVS from just inside, to just outside some of our customers’ budgets.

“Can you install my TVS Supercharger System in my car?”

Yes, we can! As stated above, we are a small business, but if you bring us the car (we are located in South Carolina) at a pre-arranged date, we can install your Supercharger system in your car.

“What is the wait time and why is the wait time so long for a TVS Supercharger Kit?”

The average wait time for a TVS kit is 8-10 weeks, which is the approximate time for our supercharger supplier to build the head-units to our specifications. There are other parts that we also make to order, but can generally have that accomplished before the head-unit arrives.

“Can I make payments”

“Do you have a payment plan?”

We can send you an invoice for your supercharger kit via PayPal that will include the option to make payments. The supercharger kit will not begin being assembled until payment is complete, and all payments made are non-refundable.

“What supercharger belt do I need??”

This is a VERY common question, which is not as simple as it sounds. The length of the serpentine belt will vary based on crank pulley size, supercharger pulley size, accessories used, tensioner system used, and which engine you are using. If we have the answer, we will provide it, though I do not have the full list of every possible variable setup.

“How much boost/HP will a specific supercharger/pulley make on my car?”

Another seemingly simple question, that isn’t quite so. There are many different engine variations as well as factors that play a large role in this. We can comfortably say that a tvs900 supercharger will reach the 350whp mark relatively easily, the tvs1320 will reach the 400whp region, and the tvs1900 will support 500+ whp.

“What do I need to get my car up and running in addition to a TVS Kit?”

The TVS Kit comes with the following items

  • TVS supercharger with appropriate base plate
  • 74mm inlet with throttle body adapter for your application
  • Supercharger pulley based on which stage you order
  • MercRacing Air to Air supercharger manifold
  • All necessary hardware to mount all of these items

Optional upgrades and additions available through MercRacing

  • Upgraded 90mm inlet
  • Different stages of supercharger pulleys
  • MercRacing adjustable k series tensioner for cars not running hydraulic power steering pumps
  • MercRacing Auto tensioner bracket – For RSX and TSX with hydraulic Power steering pump
  • We also sell k-tuned products, so let us know if any of their products catches your eye

Items that will be needed to install and run your TVS Kit

  • Fuel system (pump and injectors, also a possible fuel return depending on power goals)
  • Serpentine belt, this varies depending on the build, we recommend measuring with string and making your purchase based on that
  • Spark plugs, we recommend NGK heat range 8 or heat range 9 plugs depending on goals
  • Rsx Thermostat housing swap on Civics to allow for clearance of the cold side inlet on the manifold
  • Manifold coolant bypass (K-Tuned) if using a head design which has coolant passage built into the intake manifold (we recently revised our manifolds, which no longer have coolant ports on them, in an attempt to keep IAT’s even lower, and prevent our customers from chopping up their brand new manifold to use these great pieces)
  • Intercooler and piping. We strongly recomend the use of Garret intercoolers and air to water cores on our builds, due to having great success with their pieces and their amazing cooling capacity and flow characteristics.