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  • CT Engineering Extreme Flow 80-90mm Inlet


    This is a special order product. Please reach out for estimated timing.

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    Introductory Price: Stage 1/1+ Dynamic+ Tuning Bundle will be available at $855 as a two-week introductory discount through 3/30/2022.

    034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software for the Audi B9/9.5 Audi RS4 & RS5 equipped with the EA839 2.9TT engine and Dynamic+ TCU Software Upgrade for AL552 ZF8 Transmission.

    034Motorsport EA839 2.9TT ECU and TCU tunes are flashed directly through the factory OBD-II port using the 034Motorsport Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit, and offer dramatic increases in horsepower and torque throughout the powerband.

    Included at no extra cost is the Stage 1 Dynamic+ Performance TCU Software for the B9 Audi RS4 & RS5 equipped with the AL552 8-Speed ZF8 transmission to further enhance the shifting and acceleration of your ZF8 Equipped 2.9TT! Flashed directly through your vehicle’s OBD-II port, 034Motorsport’s proprietary calibrations for the AL552 TCU safely and effectively raise the torque limits of the ZF8, allowing your car to make use of Stage 1 Performance Software.

    The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit allows customers to install their 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software themselves. In addition, End User Flashing allows Dynamic+ Performance Software customers to receive and install software updates and revisions, flash back to stock, or upgrade to the next stage of performance software for their vehicle.

    Stock: 441 HP / 467 TQ
    Stage 1/1+ 91: 484 HP / 501 TQ
    Stage 1 E85: 532 HP / 548 TQ
    Stage 1+ E85: 566 HP / 610 TQ

    Alternatively, this 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software can be installed for you, without the need to purchase the End User Flashing Kit, at ZTF Automotive in San Jose, Ca, and Fremont, CA, as well as the 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software Dealers listed here. Dealer flashes must be purchased directly through the dealer facility (including ZTF Automotive), not through this product page.

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