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    So it all started picking up my 2008 fa5 in 2012 after a deployment. I immediately realized it was too slow for its own good.

    I bought a ctsc one Sunday driving from NC to DC on a Sunday and had some great friends help me out it on. Over the next 2 years I maxed it out and I’m the never ending hunt for more.
    Final mods list was
    MR inlet and aftercooler
    Id1000 cc injectors
    Exedy stage 1 clutch
    Invidia rh/q300

    I never got it on the dyno but cut a 12.8 at 113 on all seasons.

    I had to park it for a deployment, which is when I started to dive deeper, wanting to follow the famed bulliedog, I hit up Jose Mercado to see what he had in his cache to help me out. He was hyped about the 1320 supercharger, but I wanted more. I talked him into letting me try out the big mother called the TVS1900.
    We had no idea what to expect, or if the engine would take it. I set out to ask on the for help, whochall I got was hate and told it wouldn’t work.

    FAST forward a year, I received my manifold and blower but was waiting on the new baseplate, I had a local race shop fab up piping while I waited (using a used ic I bought online) and tried to wait patiently for the last part.
    The day came where I had all the pieces and the build started. First start up I pulled out of the driveway and hit 18 psi in low cam at 4k rpm. Let’s just say I was a bit scared, yet lucky that this caused my piping to leak and save my engine. (On the k20z3/3.2 bp)
    I stepped down to the smaller rsx-s pulley and started tuning with….a tuner… and wasted about 4 months tinkering with that. Upon hearing this, the man the myth the legend (Jose Mercado) tuned me himself in a weekend and got me on the road.
    That weekend I went out and drug a nitrous/cammed/5thgen camaro as and I was hooked.

    A few weeks later I managed to borrow a set of slick from jose and put down 12.3 @117 at the track, shattering my Exedy stage 2 clutch.

    Well, the car was down for a bit so I decided to go back to the exedy stage 1 and make some other small tweaks to the car. (Better header/exhaust and a semi built trans).

    A few weeks later I go out to play with a supercharged Camaro 1LE with nearly the same results

    Needless to say that night was a riot, but it came at a cost… hole in my radiator from following the hellcat too closely, which cost me a HG.
    Next, under the close guidance from Drob, I did Arp headstuds along with supertech 100 psi dual valve springs, a twin disc clutch (because ideas done killing clutches) and a full fuel return with donkey power 1450cc injectors.
    Two days after firing it up, I took a roadtrip with my old man and the Mercracing family up to see D Rob at IMW, with the fabled BULLIEDOG car in tow.

    That was a story of its own:

    500hp+ from a supercharged Honda? Sure. Here’s two.

    After that I headed home and raced a local badass 5.0 (fbo/ford racing aluminator longblock weight reduction) with some pretty fun pulls (more on that page)

    Well, a few months later after daily driving it, I had to part out for financial reasons… sad day but it was a blast

    Final mods list:
    K20z3 valve springs/ headstuds
    GP1320 header/full race exhaust
    -8 feed/-6 return 1450cc donkey power injectors, wally 450 fuel pump (60 psi base pressure)
    Cc twindisk
    Albins 1/2 fd (kept breaking oem 4th)
    Quaife lsd
    Dad 2.9s
    Hasport 70a full mounts

    ~500/340 on a dynapac on e70
    ~450/300 on pump gas

    Have a question? Ask away!

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