K-Series adjustable belt auto tensioner for 2nd Gen Acura TSX


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Our Latest design! Gen3 – Added adjust ability and broader belt size options. new angle provides greater clearance and blower pulley size options.


Here is a strong, solid, and serviceable solution to your supercharger belt wrap, belt adjustment, and tensioner needs.

For years the supercharged community has endured complex and problematic issues with tensioner systems that can leave you stranded on the highway, away from home, race, etc. This unit is extremely reliable, the use of oversized bearings and larger sized pulleys allow for better rpm rates for our high rpm K20 engines. Many tensioner systems use very small diameter pulleys thus having pulleys spin at some very high rpm rates causing unwanted and premature failures.

  • The unit is made from strong 6061-grade aluminum and steel is used on parts where durability, long life, strength, and accuracy are needed
  • 18,000 rpm bearings
  • 6061 Aluminum idler pulleys
  • Stainless steel components for corrosion resistance
  • High-quality bolts for long life, reliability, and strength
  • 12.9 Grade bolts with rust protection
  • The fully adjustable upper pulley allows easy belt installation and tension adjustment across a variety of pulleys

Compatible with all cars not running a hydraulic power steering. CT Engineering Supercharged, JRSC Supercharged, MercRacing Supercharged.


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