MR1320 Air to Air Supercharger Kit


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Supercharger kit with Modular manifold for Honda/Acura K20/24 Engines

  • Over 400 HP system
  • MR1320 Supercharger
  • The system provides 30+% increased airflow over old M62 roots technology

Boost the power output of your K-Series Honda/Acura engine, while retaining drive ability, fuel economy, and reliability with this MercRacing MR1320 Supercharger Kit. The kit delivers over 350-370 horsepower on pump gas at about 10 psi.

It also has been tested to produce over 400+hp with E85.

Besides peak horsepower and torque, this supercharger offers quick power and near instantaneous boost and torque upon demand.


  • MR1320 supercharger
  • Air to Air manifold
  • Associated mounting hardware
  • 3.2″ base boost pulley
  • high quality finish CNC inlet – ready for Stock throttle bodies for various K series vehicles.
  • Your choice of throttle body adapter for your vehicle
  • 80 to 90mm inlet upgrade available for high performance applications.



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