Aftercooler Installation Information

This is a general guide to help you setup your aftercooler kit with the proper hose routing and provide an installation idea to build from. The install can vary as necessary to accomodate your vehicle aftermarket parts or modification you may have made. Just follow the principles below and any custom variation you need will work as long and the routing is in the correct order and location in the flow are met.

Avoid using too many any additional 90 degree elbows as it degrades pump flow ability.

To avoid pump cavitation please ensure the hose connecting to the input side of the pump has a straight path to the remote fill bottom fitting. What is pump cavitation: This is when the pump runs continuously and unable to capture fluid due to and air pocket trapped on the pump inlet.


Install notes:

Hose Routing:

The hose routing should be the following:

From bottom of remote fill to pump inlet ( as direct as possible) Avoid U shape runs on the hose or hose going below the pump and then up to the pump. Maintain a direct path.
From pump outlet (side port on pump) to bottom of heat exchanger
From top of heat exchanger directly to any of the pipes on aftercooler
From aftercooler to remote fill top

Note: you can use only one elbow on the inlet side of the pump.

Fill up:
With pump off add as much fluid as possible to the remote fill.
Turn pump on for a quick second and turn off.
Add more fluid and repeat this process until the fluid runs thru the entire system system.
Then leave on to let air purge out as fluid passes thru.

Check a few times and add fluid if necessary.
Once complete you should only need to check system monthly to ensure operation of pump, and ensure full fluid level. Leave a small air gap only just below the threads on the cap.