9th Gen Civic supercharger kit upgrade

A quick guide on what is typically needed and upgraded for a supercharger setup on the 9th Gen Civic SI and some options available to you.

Hondata FlashPro (DO NOT use K-Tuner for this application)

MercRacing MR1900 or for lower power needs the MR1320 tvs kit. Less power puts less demand on required upgrades. The MR1900 totally transforms the car to a new level and is highly recommended for its power and efficiency.
3.5” Blower Pulley and 8thGen Civic Si Crank Pulley
Belt Dayco 5070763
MercRacing Adjustable Belt Tensioner

MercRacing Aftercooler
Use a 70/30 coolant mix. Distilled water to Honda 50/50 Antifreeze or your preferred brand.

FIC 1440 Fuel Injectors
DW300 Fuel Pump
Full Fuel return setup with inline filter and pressure regulator by Aeromotive(this is optional, but required for 350+ whp)

93pump with about 2 gals of race gas(100-104 octane). This is not required but recommended for the K24Z7 engine. This will give you a feeling of “same performance, no matter the weather” feeling. This is optional but makes it fun and enjoyable if you do not have e85 gas for higher boost applications. Keeps the engine safe from knock if you run a higher boost of over 15psi.
E85 and higher quality fuels truly transform this application’s horsepower performance capabilities and endurance. If you drag race or do any competitive event, it is highly recommended.

Competition Clutch FX300 or FX350 (Amazing clutch, MUST HAVE)
Gear upgrades are always recommended once you pass the 350HP range and higher torque numbers. This engine makes a lot of torque.
MFactory 1-5 gearset or your favorite gearset brand and gearing ratios. (cheaper options include GearX 1-4 drag set).

You have two options.
The first option is to run a base pulley setup with the stock engine but maintain the OEM Redline. The stock rods cannot handle high rpm like the previous generation Honda motors.
Upgrade your spark plugs to 8 or 9 range.
Convert your thermostat and housing to RSX TypeS 05-06.

The second option for full reliability and performance is a built engine.
Supertech Full Valvetrain
OEM timing chain tensioner
Upgraded rod and crank bearings
Type S oil Pump upgrade with K-Power Industries Kit
Oil Filter Relocated to a higher point(under V-TEC solenoid)

Acura MDX/ZDX J37 Throttle Body(you will need to swap the internals with the 9th Gen Civic throttle body (motor) (easy modification)
AEM EUGO Wideband Gauge spliced into ECU (highly recommend for people using remote tuners. The OEM A/F gauge reads about .08 richer than actual readings)
Exhaust is an RV6 Downpipe and Invidia Q300. (very little is gained from exhaust systems on the 9thGen because of its head design. Here get what you like as far as sound. 3” exhaust – Full race or your preferred brand.
Custom 4” Intake
MAF is connected, but zip-tied to Engine Bay(do not disconnect the MAF)