Modular highflow inlet – JRSC M62

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This unit is ported to 74mm allow the use of OEM or larger aftermarket throttle bodies with included adapter plate of your choice.


  • Ability to upgrade throttle body without having to use spacers.
  • Increased and smoother air flow due to its larger and direct path from throttle body to supercharger
  • Hidden vacuum lines at the bottom for a clean look
  • Increases power by allowing unrestricted airflow

NOTE: For RSX vehilces / with idle control valve on throttle body. Please look at this link for a way to better install the Idle control valve for better clearance.

Rotate Idle control Valve Link

Ktuned idle valve rotation plate

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Throttle Body Adapter

Civic 8th Gen, J37/ZDX, RSX

1 review for Modular highflow inlet – JRSC M62

  1. thebettersol

    Setup: Stock bottom end k20a2, k20a2 head with IPS-SC cams and eibach valve springs, un-ported m62 jrsc, stock a2 throttle body, hybrid racing CAI, hytech header and 3″ exhaust.

    Added Merc Racing modular high flow inlet and gained 11whp/7tq at the peak @10.5psi @ 8700rpm. However the most beneficial gains were in the midrange where I put down over 20 ft/lbs more torque sooner and throughout the midrange. The inlet significantly shifted the boost curve lower into the rpm range moving my 150ft/lbs to the ground mark from 3,800 rpm to 3,200 rpm compared to using the stock JRSC inlet.

    Peak numbers on this setup WITH the Merc racing inlet were 304/197 @8,700 rpm non-aftercooled and tuned for road racing (conservative) reliability.

    This inlet is probably one of the best bang-for-the-buck mods out there as it was proven effective throughout the rpm range.

  2. J Mercado Y

    Thanks for the review and testing. It is a truly fantastic upgrade. Glad you did it and enjoying the benefits.

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