Supercharged Honda Element Information:

ECU Tuning Requirements




Need to swap ECU to:

  • TSX 2007-2008 TSX ECU 37820-RBB-821 Manual
  • TSX 2007-2008 TSX ECU 37820-RBB-871 Automatic
  • Custom assembled harness: $498
  • Must have immobilizer reprogrammed at the Honda Dealer
  • Hondata Flashpro is required.  TSX model.

Vehicle Supercharger Upgrade needs:

Recommended upgrades:

  • Header Upgrade – No aftermarket options but TSX header has been recommended in the community. Years 04-08 (CL9) 18100-RBB-010
  • An option for higher flow headers is taking an aftermarket TSX header and having it professionally customized to fit.
  • Higher flow exhaust –
  • Manual transmissions should upgrade the clutch to a stage according to the power you are aiming for.

MercRacing Installation Service

  • $2000 – supercharger system. 
  • Custom Intake system $175

Element Tuning Service – Non-Dyno

  • $300 when we do the installation.  We do not do remote tuning at this time.

Recommended and approved Remote tuning service:

Trusted Shops for installation Service

If you have a shop that knows superchargers and Honda’s professionally and would like to be added to this list please reach out to us to be added to the list.