MR1320 TVS Supercharger Kit


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Supercharger kit for Honda/Acura K20/24 Engines. This kit uses the Harrop TVS unit.

  • Capable of over 350+HP system and higher on Ethanol fuels.

The kit can be upgraded with a cooling package for higher power gains and improved performance.

Compatible with many vehicles, such as:

  • RSX and EP3 with some modifications
  • Acura TSX, Civic Si 8thGen/9thGen
  • K swapped vehicles such as Lotus Elise/Exige
  • EG hatch, etc.

Boost the power output of your K-Series Honda/Acura engine, while retaining driveability, fuel economy, and reliability.  Besides peak horsepower and torque, this supercharger offers real “under the curve” power and instantaneous response.  Unlike other systems this kit allows you to keep your air conditioner system.


  • 1320 TVS supercharger
  • Air to Water cooling ready manifold
  • Associated mounting hardware
  • High quality finish CNC inlet – ready for Stock thru 74mm throttle bodies
  • Your choice of throttle body adapter for your vehicle.
  • 80-90MM Inlet option available ad additional cost for drive-by cable cars.

You must replace the thermostat housing with one that points downwards. Such as the Acura RSX Type S. for some vehicles; such as the Civic 8th Generation.  This provides clearance for the manifold and puts heat away from the manifold.

  • Thermostat Housing Part#: 19320-PNA-003    –   Thermostat Part#:  19301-PNA-003
  • PLEASE, Upgrade your spark plugs to range 8 and anything over 15 psi, go with 9 range sparkplugs.

9th Gen Civic Notes:

  1. We urge you to upgrade your thermostat housing and thermostat to the 2005-2006 RSX Type S.  The K24Z7 runs pretty hot stock
    • Thermostat Housing Part#: 19320-PNA-003    –   Thermostat Part#:  19301-PNA-003
  2. Order this for your 9th Gen civic throttle to extend the throttle harness: 
  3. Upgrade your spark plugs to range 8 and anything over 15 psi, go with 9 range sparkplugs.


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