Honda Element Supercharger Kit


Please Keep in mind this is a build-to-order kit.  About 6-8 weeks are required most times. 

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Improve the performance and bring a new level of driving fun to your Honda Element.  Carry more weight, drive your upgraded larger tires easier, conquer offroad terrain easier, pull your trailer with less effort, and in some cases improve your gas mileage too from the new efficiencies attained.

Our supercharger kit comes ready with the needed hardware components to install the supercharger kit. The base supercharger kit will improve your power easily anywhere from 75HP and higher according to your setup and upgrades associated with your vehicle.

Upgrade your header and exhaust to increase the power capabilities of this system further. With the exhaust back pressure eliminated, you will be freeing the setup to more horsepower gains and allow proper power tuning capabilities.



  • These engines naturally run rather hot and recommend you upgrade your thermostat to a lower temperature unit. Replace your radiator if very old and shows heavy signs of age and wear.  Make sure your radiator fans are fully operational or replace them if they are very old.
  • On automatic transmissions, upgrading your transmission oil cooler is also recommended and separating it from the OEM radiator setup.
  • After this upgrade, you will be required to run premium gasoline 91 and higher (93 octane highly recommended)
  • Step colder sparkplugs are requried (NGK bkr8eix iridium)

Additional information on power upgrades for the various Element Models. Click HERE

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 in


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