K Series High Performance Manifold Insulating Gasket

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For Honda/Acura K20A2, K20A, K20A3, K20Z1 (RSX 02-06, 02-05 Civic Si, CRV) heads

Block heat and ensure a proper seal with the MercRacing Intake Manifold Insulating Gaskets. Manufactured with a high-grade temperature insulating PTFE. By insulating the intake from the engine heat, it will decrease temperatures, and increase power. These gaskets are integral to high boost applications, ensuring no leaks under boost.  Also, it helps with uneven surfaced intake manifolds or damaged surfaces.

These gaskets break the transfer of heat between the cylinder head and the intake manifold to create lower incoming air temps. As the air heats up, it’s density drops, reducing oxygen content, robbing you of power because your ECU has to compensate with less fuel.

What sets our Gaskets apart are the chemical and oil resistant O-rings.  These rings ensure a positive strong seal that ensures no vacuum or boost leaks happen.  Over time gaskets have been known to harden, change shape and create leaks.  With the serviceable seals, you can ensure a strong seal every time.

The gasket has been carefully designed to match ported heads well.  We used a 4Piston 156V2 ported head to ensure proper clearances.

The shape contour around the fuel injectors has been carefully engineered to ensure no blockage to fuel path to intake runner. This has been an issue with current off the shelf gaskets.


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