Audi 3.0T PCV Relocation Parts Kit (No Billet PCV)



  • DOES NOT INCLUDE THE Billet PCV housing Adapter

Supercharged Audi 3.0T PCV Relocation Assistance Kit. Additional parts are required along with this kit. Please watch the video from Audi C7 Owners (& read the video description) via the link below to fully understand everything needed to complete this project before purchasing.

PCV Relocation DIY Link:


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Studs and nuts for the use of the upgraded throttle body with cast inlets from 034, IE, APR.

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These billet components aids in the relocation of your DIY Enthusiasts.  This will increase PCV Performance, reduce oil consumption, and allow for a much more affordable and easier replacement of the PCV should it fail.

Your OEM PCV is located underneath the supercharger, is made of plastic, and is prone to failure.  When it fails it results in the excessive consumption of oil, and in some cases, allows your coolant to mix with your oil which could lead to a catastrophic failure of your engine.


This is the most current 3.0T PCV Relocation Parts kit offered. It includes the Throttle Body Spacer, Supercharger Plug, Gaskets, & Extended Bolts. If you have an aftermarket Throttle Body, please make sure you click the option to add the Stud Kit. ECS Throttle Bodies are not compatible.

We HIGHLY suggest you watch the 3.0T PCV Relocation video series from the Audi C7 Owners Youtube channel (Read video descriptions for important links and information).  You can find all the information for this project you need, including a parts list and DIY videos, at this link:

At this time, only the 034 Motorsports, Integrated Engineering, and APR Throttle body upgrades are compatible. This will be updated if anything changes with additional options.

Benefits of relocating your OEM PCV:

  • Allows you to change a faulty PCV in 10 mins or less without disassembling any engine components, and is much cheaper than the OEM PCV.
  • Allows you to easily install an external catch can of your choice
  • Keeps the air returning to the supercharger from the PCV much cleaner which in turn keeps your Supercharger Intercooler Cores cleaner (prolonging their life) as well as keeping your intake valves cleaner by not allowing as much carbon build-up from oil vapors (Especially if you install a catch can).
  • No more excessive oil consumption from a failed PCV
  • No more risk of coolant mixing with your oil from a failed PCV

Parts Included in Purchase:

  • Billet Throttle Body Spacer + Gaskets. This spacer is what your new PCV Return Line will connect to.
  • Billet PCV Housing Adapter. This will replace the bottom of the plastic “pancake” PCV that will be externally located. It allows you to easily screw in AN Fittings to connect your hoses without custom modification of the PCV as shown in the DIY video from Audi C7 Owners.
  • Longer Bolts are included for OEM Throttle Body applications. If you are using a 034, Integrated Engineering, or APR throttle Body system, don’t forget to click the option for the stud kit located at the top of the product page
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE THE Billet PCV housing Adapter

Why you should use this kit:

  • Without using these parts, you would have to pay someone to weld your PCV Return port under the supercharger shut, as well as have them tap & weld a fitting into the back of the supercharger for your new PCV Return line.  This could result in catastrophic damage to your Supercharger resulting in you having to purchase a new one.
  • Buying this parts kit will likely be cheaper than paying someone to modify your supercharger
  • Using this parts kit means everything is 100% reversible should you choose to return your car to OEM specs, versus permanently modifying your supercharger.
  • Allows you to complete this project at home, on your own, with minimal downtime.
  • This makes the PCV Relocation process a truly DIY & Bolt-On upgrade. The only part you will have to make on your own are your PCV hoses which will be specific to each person’s engine setup & is easy to do as shown in the Audi C7 Owners DIY Video
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